Every New Online Business Needs SEO

If you’re a new business of any size, that has a web site, your business and marketing plans need to include SEO (search engine optimization). SEOMoz has a great rant about how often startups don’t even mention SEO as part of their strategy.

SEO is how you make sure you’re in search engines and that your site is found for words that relate to your business. Most people find web sites through a search engine, they type in words, usually starting out vague and getting more specific as they go. For any business online optimizing for search engines should be a paramount concern.

But even before that, you’ll want to do some keyword research to see that people are actually searching for or interested in what you plan to sell.
The author, Rand Fishkin, says: most never even examine the possibility that there might already be people searching for the product/service/website you’re creating, and that by getting in front of their eyeballs right when they ask for it, you might have a good chance of succeeding.

What you can learn from keyword research:

  • What terms people are searching for
  • Demand or popularity of those terms
  • How much competition there is on each term
  • Get ideas by looking at related keywords

When you’re at the top of the list when someone types a term that is related to what you sell, you are getting very targeted traffic – people already interested in what you offer. The results last for years and the ROI for SEO tends to be the highest over other types online marketing.


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Great post — now if only we could truly convince every single business that they do need SEO! Too many people are apprehensive of believing such an intangible product is worth it. Shame – they’re missing out!

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