You've Got Fans

Start a Facebook Group or Fan Page

Promote a cause. Start a revolution. Pick up a few groupies. Whatever you want to use it for, a Facebook group is a great way to bring people together on one topic. You can send out invites to everyone on your fan page or business profile to generate some hype about anything you want.

1. Create. To create a group, just click on the groups button on the left side of the homepage. At the top right, click on create a group, enter the basic information, then hit create group. That takes you to Step 2: Customize. Once you tell Facebook how people can find your group, invite as many people as you want.

2. Promote. Here’s a little tip: when you’re inviting everyone along, check out the Promote Group with Ad button hanging out in the top right corner. You could monetize your group with some ad work done by Facebook and give your groupies something else they may be interested in.

3. Customize. Once you create your group and invite people to join, personalize your page. Add a profile picture, put up some videos, and respond to the wall posts people will start putting up. Don’t leave them hanging—start a discussion. The more people interact with you, the more they trust both you and your business.

For all your fans out there, you might want to start a Fan Page—it’s not as specific as a group, and it celebrates your business’s awesomeness. Just use this link to get started. Here you can post your links, videos, articles, and lots of other cool stuff.

You can also network with other people in your field, join their pages, and swap info and trade tips. The more connected your network, the better exposure your business gets.

Fan pages are cool because people don’t have to be on Facebook to see your page. A regular profile can be blocked by its user, but your Fan Page is open to anyone looking for you online. They even show up in search engine results. As soon as people with profiles start joining your Fan Page, all their friends can see it. And since the average Facebook user has 130 Friends, that’s some serious exposure.