Tools of the Trade

Top Blogging Tools

Google Translator translates your website into any (or all) of the 34 different languages offered by Google. All of the new pages link straight to your domain, and they increase your reach and internet cred around the world.

Outbrain is a tool that allows people to leave comments. If your blog provider doesn’t already have a way for readers to leave comments, you’ll definitely want to download this tool. Customer comments are a great way to feel out the market and to better target customer concerns and needs.

Google Friend Connect lets people from different networks join your blog, leave comments, and participate in your online community. Now more people can join your blog, and word gets out faster.

PostRank Widget is an online doo-dad (for lack of a better word) from Google that tells you which posts people like and visit the most. Now you know what your visitors come looking for, and you can market to your audience a heckuva lot better. takes the stress out of all your social networking by letting you update and synchronize your blogs, your tweets, and your Facebook all at one stop.

Check out this website for a few more tips and tricks about ways to save time on your blog:

Happy blogging!