Sweet Tweet

How to make money using Twitter

Inc. magazine wrote an article on how to use Twitter to make money with your business. We thought that was pretty great of them, so we’re giving you a heads up. This is a summary of the article and our savvy on the matter.

Turn followers into creators

As much as customers like hearing from you, they love it when you want to hear from them. Don’t just ask them for comments gushing about how wonderful your business is—get their suggestions and ideas for products or services, then put them to use. Your followers get way more excited about your business as you implement their ideas.

Promote yourself

Yep, even the dentists and carpet cleaners can do it. Okay, so maybe you don’t have an order form, but you can definitely let people know what you’re up to, tell them about a promo, or let them know about a new service. It’s word-of-mouth controlled by you.

Look for leads

Go on Twitter Search and find people tweeting your keywords. It’s a social network, so be social and start networking! Send messages, tell people about your business, then start following people (no really, it’s not creepy online). You can even automate the process with free programs like TweetDeck and DemandSpot.

Sell products for Twitter

People will pay for applications that make their social media easier and less time consuming. If you wanna give it a shot, hire a programmer to create a program that others in your industry would pay to use. Yeah, you need to spend money to make money on this one, but it’s worth it if you have the resources.

Gain loyal customers

When you tweet clever or informative blurbs, you become relatable as a business, and your followers will feel a connection with your brand.

If you need some help with Twitter-ese, check out the full article for more info on jargon surrounding the social network: www.inc.com/twitter.