Make it Facebook Official

Make Facebook connections

Getting started with Facebook is even easier than it looks. We’ll show you how to find and add friends, how to create a solid network with other professionals in your field, and how to gain credibility with your followers.

  • As long as you’re building your network, find other guys in your field. Add them as your friend, swap info, invite them to write a blog post, or have them speak at your next event.
  • Even throwing out some promos will help build your network. If you give enough interesting info and promos, people will add your business just to stay in the know on the latest and greatest from your business.
  • Been up to any surveys or research? Don’t be afraid to share it— the more people use your info and quote you, the bigger you become. Now people in your industry recognize your authority, and customers trust you.

Facebook just looks better every day, doesn’t it?