Benefits of Blogging

If you post often and regularly, search engines constantly drop by to see what’s new on your site, and so do customers. Now you have a great reason for everyone to spend more time on your website and rely on you as an authority in your industry.

Let’s give you a list of reasons to blog:

Build your searchability. When search engines love you, people find you. Blogs give you new pages of relevant content week after week. Search engines are all about relevancy and credibility—blogs help you build both.

Can we all say “branding”? Now that more and more people come to your website to check out the latest in your business, your name gets ingrained in the minds of customers everywhere.

All new marketing. Well, you don’t want to overdo it, but let people know a great story about a new product, or tell them about a new launch. Get their feedback on any part of your business. It doesn’t really matter what—just start a conversation.

Build a relationship. You should probably stop giving out hugs to everyone you meet, but speaking to customers through a blog is a fantastic way to build loyalty.

You’re an expert, and they know it. Build your authority on a topic. Let people trust what you have to say about it. Own an auto parts shop? Tell people about the most common repairs people run into. Tell them how to do it. Are you a baker? Lawyer? Dentist? Scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours.

Budget? What budget? A blog has very little to no cost. Just get a few people in your business to post a couple of times a week. If you’re a one-man band, post every week. You’ll welcome a break from the ordinary, your customers will love the info, and your budget will thank you. A lot.

There are a few more benefits. Okay, there are lots more.  Start a blog and start discover all the benefits that come with a blog. In fact, we’d love to hear about it. Maybe you should write a blog post on the awesomeness of blogs. We’ll keep an eye out for it.