Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

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I recently wrote a post listing 10 statistics about why mobile marketing is the bomb. These statistics, taken from an April 2013 Hubspot survey, included mind blowing information that would win any marketer over, including: “95% of smartphone users looked up local information, and of that, 61% called and 59% visited the business,” and “50% of smartphones users have bought a product on their phone.” You may be sold on the idea of mobile marketing but may not know exactly how to develop a killer mobile marketing strategy. Here are a few ideas that our online marketing professionals at OrangeSoda can implement for you.

Custom Mobile Site Design

You probably noticed that the screen of a computer is a bit bigger than that of a smartphone. In order to make it easy to navigate the content of a whole website on a small screen, it’s important to adjust your design to the smartphone. OrangeSoda has a team of talented designers that will customize your website for smartphones. This will help attract more mobile searchers to your business.


We recognize that most people searching for a business on their phone are searching for something local. We will optimize your website to appear in local listings, which will bring local customers right to your door.

Mobile Purchases

The goal of some businesses is not to have people show up at on their doorstep but to have people purchase online. We make e-commerce possible by offering technology that sets up an online mobile shopping cart.


Interested to know how consumers are interacting with your mobile website? Great! We help you by offering state-of-the-art tracking technology that gives you helpful information about your mobile site visitors.

These are just some of the services we offer with our mobile marketing package. For more information, contact us today at OrangeSoda. We would be happy to help you.