Does Your Marketing Have Bulge?

Two things I spend a lot of my time doing are exercising and online marketing. Although they aren’t related activities there are a lot of commonalities. For example both take planning, commitment and knowledge. Going to the gym to for an hour a week isn’t going to keep that whole pizza off your gut, thighs, or butt. Likewise when you have a PPC campaign selecting keywords once a month or quarter isn’t going to make much of difference on your bottom line.


Although making money on the internet isn’t as easy as some people would like to make you think, it is much better when you have a plan. Going to the gym without a plan will leave you floundering with minimal results. Likewise launching an online marketing campaign without a plan will yield minimal results, but it likely costs more money. You could be left broke and slightly depressed, wondering how others have found success.


Once you have a plan its important that you stick with it. Just like exercising its not easy at first but you will catch on and find success. Login to you AdWords or Analytics account to monitor the campaign. Run reports regularly to help you make wise decisions and you will eventually see success. If you need a “trainer” I know of a company that has the expertise to help you out.


Online marketing and exercise share something that I call the “everyone-has-a-better-way” principle. No matter how dialed in your workout routine is there is always someone with an “proven” better way. There is no difference when it comes to marketing, someone is always happy to tell you they can do it better, cheaper or more efficiently. To combat this its important that you stay current on your industry and up on the new search trends and tools. There are several blogs, books and people that you can learn from but do it with your specific goal in mind.

So, although marketing and exercise aren’t directly related following some of the same basic principles will help you find success. Remember that its not always easy but the pay off is going to be huge. I think its okay to make modifications to your plan of attack as your knowledge grows. But, be careful not to lose sight of your goal.