About Digital Social Coupons and Why You Should Use Them

When was the last time you flipped through a coupon book? Days ago, weeks ago, or months ago? Did you use the coupons or end up forgetting them in your purse, car, or wallet when it came time for the transaction? If you’re like me, you forgot them and ended up paying full price.

With billions of people using their mobile devices while they shop, it makes sense for many large businesses, as well as SMBs, to use digital coupons to reach customers and increase conversion rates—and perhaps even more valuable: track where these sales came from. Digital coupons are becoming less of a niche habit and more mainstream, as eMarketer reported earlier this year. They estimated that 55% of US adult Internet users will redeem online coupons at least once during 2014. These numbers will continue to grow over the next few years. coupons 2012-2016

How Digital Coupons Work

Digital coupons are an electronic version of a coupon for products or services. Retailers offer them in different ways. Some manufacturers require a digital download or entry to “unlock” the deal before you redeem. Some retailers use promotional codes that the shoppers enter before checking out online.

Some brands are creating separate apps to help their consumers find deals. Target developed a separate coupon app called Cartwheel that integrates with their regular app. Shoppers can browse weekly specials, promotions, and deals on Cartwheel and then add it to their “cart.” Shoppers present these coupons to a checker at the store or can use the codes online to redeem discounts or the coupon on the app when they check out.

Digital coupons remove the paper from a transaction. Many consumers can simply show their phone to a retailer and receive a discount.

How Social Media Fits into the Picture

You might think that social media operates independently of digital coupons; however, a powerful marketing strategy will harness the power of social media and integrate coupons in a way that bolsters conversion rates and extends marketing reach.

Social media is a great tool to use when distributing digital coupons. For one, you already have a fan-base there, and it allows you to engage your fans. Two, social media allows users to easily share the coupon with friends and friendly with a simple click of the button. This share feature carries the ability of making a coupon spread virally.

Digital social coupons can also help your brand gain a bigger following when you require users to “Like” your page in order to use the coupon. You can also use social media coupons to help you drive traffic to your website, or a specific landing page for the promotion.

OrangeSoda’s Digital Coupon Solution: Social Coupons

Our team designed a product that helps you achieve many marketing goals with each promotion you run. We call our solution Social Coupons. We help you establish a campaign by building a branded promotion, publishing it on your Facebook page or website, and then driving traffic to the coupon. After all is said and done, we report success and then repeat. Social Coupons turn social followers into actual customers.

Why Use Social Coupons?

Customer Acquisition

Successful coupons will take potential customers and turn them into your real-life customers. Social Coupons are focused on customer acquisition by taking your social following, driving traffic to your website, asking for information (like an email address), and getting them to make a purchase.

Targeted Traffic

When you are trying to obtain more customers, it’s crucial you are focused on the right demographic. Why not use your social media following—people who already like your brand and are familiar with your company? Social Coupons promotions direct your social followers to your website to increase traffic and awareness. When the user redeems the coupon, the action is shared to their social stream and opens the potential to get more traffic from their friends.

Paid Media 

Social Coupons work in a similar manner to PPC campaigns. Traffic from the coupon is directed to a specific landing page on the website, which is optimized for conversion and sales.

Social Coupons may be the perfect next step for your online marketing strategy. With millions of users on social media, you can start using digital coupons to reach these users, drive traffic to your website, and start gaining more conversions.