Create a Google Profile for your Small Business

What is a Google profile? Check out mine. Google profiles are simple webpages where you can put general information about yourself.

But there’s more. You can also include links, and that is where the SEO power is! Below the main area is a place to put as many links as you want. Your Delicious page, your Facebook profile, your blog, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter feed….and on and on.

Profiles are public and include your actual name and/or a nickname. You can set it so your real name is displayed just to your contacts. You can list your occupation, where you are located (your profile will be used for Google Maps), a list of links, your photo and a short introduction.

As far as links: you can put whatever text you want to become a link back to your web site (or any other site). So, if your site sells “sunglasses” and one of your keywords is “fashion sunglasses” then use those words for the link. You can even link to sections of your site (like a brand name of specific fashion sunglasses) and then link to that category page.

Go here to create your own profile
. Your profile will come in handy in the future as Big G integrates it’s profile system with other social networks, etc.