Conversion Rate Optimization

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As 2009 begins to blasts into 2010 I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do more with less, on how to focus on the most important, and on how to let good things not get done and instead focus on the getting the best things done. I hear over and over again, “We need more visitors to our site” or “We need to get 20,000 visits per month and we’ll be all set.” Lets step back a bit and think about what those visitors mean to the business.

If my website gets 100 visitors today and I sell my product or service to 2 of them, then my conversion rate is 2.0%. Could I get this conversion rate up to 4.0% and sell twice as much stuff with the same amount of visits? In a word, yes. This can be accomplished by optimizing the conversion process on the website. The folks over at Conversion Rate Experts have a great “free” article that includes 108 things you can do to improve your conversion rate. All 108 are very insightful and worth the time to read.

Two key points for me from the list:

  • Test everything: The beauty of internet marketing is that we can market 100% by the numbers and know¬†definitively¬†if a marketing campaign is working or not. Then we test something else and when good results are achieved, keep testing until you get amazing results. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Usability testing: I wish, I wish, I wish that all websites and software applications would do extensive usability testing. Few things are as frustrating as a hard-to-use website or application. I recently read a book by Steve Krug about usability testing and how to execute your own test. I highly recommend the read.

Take the time to make your website more useful and in time you will see the results.



Try clicktale to help you improve conversion rate – heatmaps and aggregate behaviours together with live video footage of your customers journey through your site will do this for you.

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