Click-to-call Mobile Ads From Google

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Google is constantly working on ways to improve local and mobile search. In January Google introduced a new way for local businesses to be reached specifically by mobile devices: click-to-call phone numbers right in the ad. This service is free, easy to implement, and super targeted. Since I am a pretty heavy mobile web user, this click-to-call feature gets me all excited inside.

How click-to-call ads workClick to call ad

Click-to-call ads are made specifically for mobile devices with full browsers like iPhone or Android. Also, the business needs to have at least one brick-and-mortar storefront. They can also add an address and phone number for several locations for the same campaign. Google uses these addresses to ensure that the closest store’s phone number shows up in the ad.

For example I was searching on my phone for some clothes as a gift for my wife (risky, I know). The top ad on my screen was an ad for DownEast Basics in Orem, UT. The ad included the phone number just below the display URL in blue text which I could select without clicking on the ad and going to a landing page.

It’s easy to set up click-to-call ads

Enabling click-to-call ads is really easy in AdWords. The address and phone numbers are managed at the campaign level. In the AdWords settings tab you can input business addresses or you can simply import those addresses from your Local Business Center account.

Some click-to-call ad basics

  • Made specifically for mobile devices with full browsers like iPhone or Android.
  • Businesses need to have at least one brick-and-mortar storefront.
  • Google uses the GPS or cellular network to locate and serve the most local phone number in the ad.
  • Imports business locations from the Local Business Center
  • Manually input addresses right in your AdWords account.

How much do click-to-call ads cost?

Google has decided to make the click-to-call option the same price as a regular click. So, for the same price as a click, Google is giving businesses the chance to get some instant human interaction with potential clients. This is a great way to get in touch with mobile customers and create a good relationship over the phone.


AJ Wilcox

This is awesome. I was afraid that the Goog would charge more for the call because it’s so much closer to conversion. I think it’s a steal to charge the same price as a click…unless of course you are paying out the wazoo for clicks.

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