Easy Ideas for Promoting Your Products This Holiday Season

The perfect time to show off your products is during the holidays. It’s that special time of year when consumers have their wallets out and are ready to buy. Of course, people recognize they have a lot to buy for kids, neighbors, and the list continues, so they are looking for the best deals to get what they need for the best price. One way to motivate consumers to buy from you is by hosting the perfect holiday social media promotion. Here are a few ideas to promote your products during this season.

Facebook Giveaway

A Social Sweepstakes is one of the best ways to get more people to learn about your product, and to encourage people to share your brand with their loved ones. Consider giving away some of your products and services in return for an email address, a social share, and/or a new like. If you need help running this type of promotion, please contact us. We have a tool that will help you with this very type of product promotion.

Creative Facebook Giveaway Ideas

12 days of Christmas Giveaway: Everyone loves the 12 days of Christmas. Take advantage of this tradition by giving away something different each day the 12 days leading up to the holiday. If you’re in doubt, consider the success Ellen has with this very promotion.

Advent Calendar Giveaway: It’s a little late to start this promotion for 2014, but it’s never too late to start planning for 2015. Consider giving away something to your followers each day of the Christmas advent. This will also help people return to your Facebook Page daily during December.

Daily Snow Globe Giveaway: Have your customer return to your Facebook Page daily during December to “shake a snow globe,” and see if they won one of the wonderful prizes you will be giving away. This is also a fun way for customers to see what you are offering and to remember to visit your social sites every day.

Elf on the Facebook Shelf: Everyone loves elf on the shelf, don’t they? Get customers to engage on your Facebook Page by asking them where the most creative place they hid their Elf on the Shelf was this year. The most creative answer could win a prize of some sort–free services, free products, or maybe even a gift card. When you’ve selected a winner, make sure to announce it on your Facebook Page, and tag the winner in your announcement post, so they know they won. This is an ideal way to get engagement on your Facebook Page, encourage conversation, and give others the opportunity to learn more about your products and service. Not to mention, it’s also a great way for others to get ideas about where to place their Elf on the Shelf the next day.

These are just a few recommendations of how to run a promotion in December. We would love to hear your ideas. Please feel free to share them with us in the comments of this blog post.