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Facebook Pay-Per-Click

I have been a Facebook user for a few years, along with over 300 million other people. From a marketer’s point of view I really like the idea of such a captive audience. Currently, PPC on Facebook is not scalable but they are working pretty quickly to make it that way for professionals or agencies….

Six Local PPC Marketing Tips

Using PPC to turn a local online shopper into a customer can be daunting to a local business owner. Thankfully search engines have made competing locally much easier in the past few years. They’ve added several targeting options that help ensure only local audiences see the ads.Targeting locally can be done on a smaller budget…

Mobile Search On The Right Device

The internet marketing business changes very quickly and Google has been saying for quite some time that “the Internet is going mobile.” So, you may think you have to hurry to AdWords and create some WAP mobile ads to take advantage of this space right? Not necessarily.

What is Google Looking For?

When people ask me conceptually about the effect of certain elements on search engines, I often respond, “If you were a search engine, what would you think of it?” It’s a hard question to answer if you don’t know what they are looking for. Here’s the low-down on search engines from the eyes of Google. .

Click-to-call Mobile Ads From Google

Google is constantly working on ways to improve local and mobile search. In January Google introduced a new way for local businesses to be reached specifically by mobile devices: click-to-call phone numbers right in the ad. This service is free, easy to implement, and super targeted. Since I am a pretty heavy mobile web user,…

Traffic Diversification: Don't Put All Your Chickens in One Basket

For some time now I’ve been mulling over a marketing/analytics idea I call traffic diversification. Simply put, traffic diversification is a methodology whereby a website diversifies the sources of traffic it receives. In my time as an internet marketer, I’ve audited and optimized 100’s of websites. One underlying challenge I see for most sites is that…

Traditional and Online Marketing Synergy

We always love to get feedback from our readers. Here is a thoughtful response to “Traditional Marketing: An Investment or a Waste?” By James Hurst, a guest blogger. While I do agree with much of what AJ wrote, allow me to expand upon his original post with some alternate viewpoints.

PPC vs. SEO: Apply the mantra!

Short post from me today, and many of you will be very tired of reading about this subject. If that’s you, feel free to move on to other posts. You won’t hurt my feelings. However, there is still a large number of small business owners and marketing folks who persist in the notion that if…

Get a little more out of your PPC: 4 Simple Tests

Are you new to PPC? Stuck in a rut with some very mature campaigns? If you’ve recently set up PPC campaigns, or even if you’ve been managing some campaigns for a while, here are some quick and easy tests you can run to try and squeeze some extra goodness out of your paid search campaigns