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Applying Aperture to Social Media Marketing

When someone says the word aperture, you probably think of some technical photography jargon and a bunch of other camera terms that go way over your head. (I do at least.) That’s probably because the word aperture is usually used in the context of photography. Heck, even doing a Google search to define the word will bring up…

Use Social SEO in Your Online Marketing Strategy

We often use the terms “social” and “SEO” in the realm of online marketing, but recently the terms have also been morphed together as “social SEO” to create a relatively new phenomenon. Social SEO is the concept that activity on your social media platforms plays a huge role in your website’s search rankings. Here are some…

Become Fluent in Hashtag

It seems there are a million ways to try to get noticed on the internet, and focusing your efforts on reaching the right crowd can be overwhelming. The good news is that those who are thriving on social networks like Twitter and Instagram are following a few simple rules to expand their reach. Gaining fluency…

Facebook Captures YouTube Traffic

You may have noticed a recent change on your Facebook feed that makes navigating shared videos much easier. Instead of redirecting to YouTube when you click “play,” Facebook simply expands the video into a small box, allowing you to watch it right on your Facebook wall.

Tips for Tweeting

When it comes to tweeting, most businesses do it wrong. The truth is, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the Twitter climate. There’s nothing quite like it. So, here are some tips for composing your 140-character lines of prose.

What's the Deal with Foursquare?

What is Foursquare? Foursquare is a free phone app that uses your GPS location to recommend businesses in your area, based on your check-in history and the check-in history of your friends. You can check into a business, see what others have said about places, and sometimes unlock promotions or specials.

Write Engaging Facebook Statuses

By now lots of businesses know they should be on Facebook. You know the drill: create a fan page, fill out your info, throw up a picture. Now what? Businesses that understand how to write status updates and engage with fans will retain their fans better and add new fans everyday. Businesses that unintentionally write…

Behold: The Power of Social Media

At OrangeSoda, we’ve spent plenty of time learning, teaching, using, and breathing social media. Since social media users change all the time, we’ve done some research to see how people currently use different social networks. Today we’re happy to share our findings with you. Enjoy.

Tell Your Brand's Story with Facebook Timeline

Facebook has made Timeline mandatory for brand pages, and some businesses are still struggling to effectively use it to their advantage. Almost every day, I come across Facebook pages that are missing small but important pieces of their Facebook Timeline. Whether it’s your cover photo, company description, company milestones, or a product launch, every bit…

Why Facebook’s self-evaluation doesn’t jive with how businesses use Facebook

With the Facebook IPO this week, everyone’s buzzing about the social network. Some who bought Facebook stock have confidence that the business will find a stable way to monetize itself in the future.  Others have less confidence, even to the extent of filing a class action lawsuit, claiming that Facebook provided false information regarding their…