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Diary of an Online Business Owner

When I was growing up, my dad and I would sit in the living room together and scheme. Our schemes always focused on some big invention we would create, patent, and sell for millions of dollars. As I got older, there were times when I’d see the actuality of some of our ideas sitting on…

Happy Holidays

As we wind up another year I can’t help but reflect on some of the best moments. Being chosen for the Inc. 500 was pretty awesome. Getting hundreds of positive notes from happy clients was the best and it’s energized us all here to blow things up even more for next year. We’re cooking up…

I Heart Mobile

Okay, so you and everyone has heard something like “this is the year that mobile takes off” for the last three  years. Last year was the biggest leap yet for mobile. Evidence of this can be seen with the expansion of Android onto every device on the planet and the ever-expanding empire of Steve Jobs….

Small Retailers and Black Friday: How to Win

Black Friday 2010 was of epic proportions. Average Holiday spending was up $20 from 2009 to $365.34 per person. The total number of shoppers went up to 212 million from 195 million. While internet shopping is rising, 98% of holiday shopping is done in-person. Small merchants have a hard time competing with national big box…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Last weeks contest yielded this excited winner who was nice enough to come into the office to pick up his prizes (we normally mail these things out). Are you jealous? It’s not too late to enter this weeks contest.

Active Share Plugin for WordPress

I was watching a mozinar the other day and saw a really cool share drop down on okcupid’s blog. I thought, “That would be an awesome wordpress plugin!” So I got to hustling and wrote the whole thing from scratch. It’s now available here to download!

Mini vs. Porsche – a lesson in guerilla marketing

The car company Mini has always been awesome at guerilla marketing and doing PR stunts that generate crazy amounts of buzz. Mini recently launched an Internet marketing campaign that shot a little above its direct competition. Mini issued a racing challenge to none other than Porsche. Why did this generate buzz? Simple – Mini is…

Free WordPress Template

Last week I spoke at smcslc and talked about SEO and theming in wordpress. As part of the demonstration I converted a free html template to a wordpress template. I’ve added some bells and whistles and made sure the whole thing is SEO friendly and now present it here for your free downloading pleasure. You…