Business Blogging Tips Part 1

There are a million tips for blogging on various blogs across the Internet. Blogging is a great tool for SEO and to get visibility for your business. It has other benefits too – blogs can add a human face to your company. They can raise morale as employees get a chance to express their opinions and true self.

So, here are my tips for anyone starting a new blog:

Business Blogging Tips Part 1 – Writing tips.

  1. Post frequently – you won’t get recognition if you don’t post regularly. Most blog software (like WordPress) allows you to¬† write several posts and schedule them ahead. So designate a few hours every Monday to write posts. [NOTE: I should take this advice! We spend more time helping clients blog than blogging sometimes!]
  2. Find someone in your organization who can write – it may be someone who is already blogging, or who has personality and knowledge. Customer service or admin staff can be great choices. They may welcome the chance to develop a new skill. They usually know what customers are asking about that could be made into great posts.
  3. Give useful information – Write about and link to new updates of your site, answer to common questions, examples of projects using your products or services. Add pictures of places who’ve used your product, mentions in magazines, tips, lists. “How to” posts are popular as are creative ways to use your products.
  4. Get customers involved – ask people to send in pictures of their projects and a short paragraph about them. Flatter customers by showcasing them on your blog (or if they blog, highlight it) – with their permission of course. You can include success stories or testimonials too.
  5. If you are out of ideas or want to add variety to your blog, ask for guest posts by partners/manufacturers to give customers more in-depth insight into products. Or, ask employees to guest post on their expertise. They can email you their thoughts which you can add to the blog.