The Biggest Internet-Marketing Mistakes Newbies Make

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Instead of hiring someone to handle your internet marketing, you’ve decided to set out on your own. That’s not a mistake, but it is ambitious. Here are a few Internet-marketing mistakes that new-comers make all the time.

Spending all your time on meta descriptions

Page titles and meta descriptions have long been an important part of SEO and for good reason. A page title and meta description show up in search engine results. Because users see them in search results, they can affect click behavior and drive more traffic. That’s all great, but the problem from an SEO perspective is that meta descriptions haven’t been a part of Google’s ranking algorithm since 2009. Again, I’m not saying meta descriptions aren’t important; they’re just not important for ranking. When writing meta descriptions, focus on making them compelling, not stuffing a bunch of keywords in there.

Avoiding outgoing links

The myth that linking to other websites will hurt your rankings is an old one and is based on a false premise. The story goes something like this: you want other people to give your website links, because it gives your site authority. When you link to other people, you pass some of your authority onto them. Because you linked to them, you “spend” your authority and loose some to promote someone else.

This idea is totally false. Having a healthy outbound link profile actually helps you. So link away when it makes sense, though you may not want to link to a competitor for a keyword you’re both trying to rank for.

Trading links is super awesome

Trading links, or doing some sort of linking scheme where you link from site A to site B and site B links to site C and site C links to site A, isn’t that great of an idea. Google’s algorithm is pretty good at sniffing this stuff out and it probably won’t help you too much. Link when it makes sense, don’t try to force it.

Sacrificing quality content for SEO

I often hear from people that excuse bad copy because it’s “just for SEO.” How lame is that!? Don’t write for machines; write for people and the machines will catch up. If you write for people and do a good job, your fans will build your links for you. If you write junk for machines, then only machines will read it.

If you’re going to bother writing content, you might as well write something worth while (like this fantastic blog post, amirite?).