Bathroom Cube Prank

Here at OrangeSoda, we have a long history of pranks. We love to prank each other which led one of our best PPC Analysts, Dallin Price, into trouble. After pranking someone else Dallin expressed his interest in being involved in the next prank; he then promptly went on vacation for a week.

Who in their right mind would ask to be in on more pranks and then leave town for a week?!

Pics and details after the break.

The entire build took us around 20 hours of work, done all at night and on weekeneds. We had our lead Designer, Rob Kirby, put together some tiles featuring a ghostly image of our then President, Gary Winterton. These were used for the “granite” counter tops, while Barbi Princess style styles were used for the walls.

We wanted to install a sink but couldn’t cut into the regular desk surface. We measured it out and build a replacement piece of out balsa wood, then cut and installed the sink. After covering everything in paper tiles it looked pretty convincing.

The coup-de-grace was actually getting the sink running, flowing with OrangeSoda. We used a design that fans of Mythbusters will recognize and built a sort of 2-liter tap. We weren’t sure about pressure so it was designed so that we could pressurize it if need be. In testing, we found that if we pressurized the bottle we could shoot soda about 30 feet which was not exactly what we wanted in the sink so we instead suspended the whole rig about 5 feet above the sink, in another nearby cubicle.


Bryan Phelps

Amazing work…I have a bathroom in my basement that needs finishing. Are you and Kirby available?

AJ Wilcox

Absolutely epic! They went through 3 bottles of orange soda the first day running it through the sink. Boo yeah!

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