Bad Internets! Bad, Bad Internets! – Quit the Blog Comment Spam Already

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Anyone who has ever written on or read a blog in the last oh, say, 50 years knows that a lot of blogs are jammed up with a lot of comment SPAM. For some reason, some internet marketers or so-called SEO experts think its a smart tactic. It’s not.

Example of a bad blog comment: this one is for a site called I don’t think they realize whomever they are paying for this work is really hurting them, so sad.

Bad Blog Comment

I think its pretty obvious why this comment is mega-lame, but just in case some of you missed the glaringly obvious, here goes:

  • The title of the comment:¬†Casino Games. I mean really, are you serious, how is this adding value to the internet? It’s simply¬†not useful and not good, sort of like the Big Bad Wolf
  • The comment body makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. None. Not even a little bit. (Although the 2nd and 3rd sentences are pretty hilarious.)

For an example of a good blog comment, this one is on our very own blog:

Goog Blog Comments

These comments on the other hand have some important elements in common:

  • The comment title is the person’s name. My philosophy of posting content on the internet is if you wouldn’t put your name on it, then DON’T WRITE IT.
  • The content of the actual post indicates that the person actually read the post and then meaningfully replied. This is both useful and good, sort of like the Good Big Bad Wolf

My advice is to leave blog comments, they can really help to set you up as an expert in your market (just make sure to be the Good Big Bad Wolf).


Yvonne at JaxWorks

Help me casino games! JK I know, my blog gets filled with spam unless I monitor it and that takes a tremendous amount of time sometimes. Basically, I spend all my time spamming lots of my comments!

Dan Garfield

Yyvonne I had this blog that I sort of let goto the weeds and I didn’t look at it for a year. When I came back it had over 30,000 comments. Unbelievable.

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