Avoid Failing at SEO

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No one likes a failing grade, but failing at SEO can be super easy. With all of the changes top search engines make to their algorithms, staying at the top of the SEO class requires a lot of attention to detail and a lot of homework. If you are planning on engaging in a stellar SEO campaign, make sure you study up, and avoid these common SEO pitfalls.

Don’t get caught up in old SEO trends

The moment you hear the words “keyword stuffing,” “invisible text,” or “buying irrelevant links,” you should run away screaming. These are all tactics that may have worked to game the search engine system at one time, but will surely end in banishment from search engines now. When it comes to old SEO trends, just say no.

Don’t be clueless to search engine algorithm updates

Did you know Google alone makes 500-600 updates to their algorithms a year? Thankfully, only a few of these updates affect search in a major way each year. To stay ahead of the game, follow a popular search engine blog, and/or consult with your SEO expert when Google announces any of these updates. Then, make sure all of your SEO practices still fall in line with Google’s search rules.

Don’t duplicate content

The most obvious way of duplicating content is intentionally plagiarizing content from another website. Doing this will not only earn you an “F” from search engines, but possibly expulsion. To avoid this pitfall, hire a content writer to add unique and fresh value to your website. Keep in mind, there are also ways you can unintentionally duplicate content. That’s why it’s important to hire an SEO professional from OrangeSoda to help you. They will look at your content, code, and webmaster settings to make sure you are the poster child for top search engine listings.