An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then this post is for you.

Affiliate Marketing is, in essence, a referral program.  Walmart, Best Buy, Dell, and most other companies run affiliate programs.  To understand how affiliate programs work, we’ll start with a simple example. Let’s say you have a website that focuses on computer reviews. Because your readers are already very interested in computers and likely getting ready to purchase, this is the perfect place for you to become an affiliate and make some money.

To get started, you need to sign up with an affliate program, we’ll use  Dell’s as an example. They’ll provide some links and images for free to help promote their product. Back on the computer review website you can then add a banner ad or text link that promotes Dell’s newest computer next to the reviews you write.  When someone clicks on that banner or link and eventually buys a computer from Dell, you get paid.

Affiliate programs are a great way for companies like Dell to have another sales force where there is little risk and high reward. If your site never sends them a sale, then they don’t pay anything. It is a great benefit to the affiliate (that’s you) because now you have found a way to get compensated for this review website.

Here at OrangeSoda, we love our affiliates. We appreciate the referrals they send to us and they appreciate the money that we send back their way for those sales.  Our affiliates are web designers, small business owners, large businesses that cater to the local business, and many others.  If you are a web designer or just work with small businesses that need help marketing online, then you should become an affiliate for OrangeSoda.

It’s a smart move for website owner/blogger to join at least one affiliate program as long as it is relevant to their website.  For example, if you blog is about hunting and fishing, then Cabella’s affiliate program would probably work for you.  If your website is about exercise and diet, then joining GNC’s and NordicTrack’s affiliate programs would be a good idea.  You’ll learn along the way no matter what you do. So go ahead, jump right in and get started!


AJ Wilcox

Great intro, Rob! Affiliates are a great way to get sales with little risk. Being an affiliate myself, I also appreciate the ability to market a well-known brand and get money in the bank too.

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