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Five Tips for Revamping Your Site Content

Posted By: OrangeSoda

website text

Throughout my time in the SEO industry, I’ve had the chance to evaluate thousands of websites and  have taken many mental notes about factors that make a great site and those that don’t. Why does content matter? It’s simple: credibility. Without credibility, your chance of converting viewers into customers goes downhill fast. It’s vital that…

Two Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Create Business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

make money from website, website conversion, website design, website layout, website text, website theme

You have hired a firm to conduct your SEO campaign. The correct keywords were chosen, on-site changes have been made, link building efforts are ongoing, and your website is ranking in the top three positions on the three major search engines (for your respective keywords). You even have the analytics that show a large number…

Website Friction and the SMB

Posted By: OrangeSoda

friction, Internet Marketing, internet marketing strategy, landing page optimization, online marketing strategy, web analytics, web site marketing, website text

When it comes to their business website, too many small business owners still cling to the false notion of, “If you build it, they will come.” The idea is that having a web presence will get the job done. Put up the site, get the products on there, slap the logo on it and watch…

Copying Content: Why You Shouldn't

Posted By: OrangeSoda

duplicate content, website content, website text

In an earlier post, I wrote about the importance of having quality website text. One item that I didn’t mention: don’t copy or use content from other people’s websites.

The Importance of Quality Website Text

Posted By: OrangeSoda

keyword phrases, keywords, Seo, web content, website text

One of the most significant aspects of a website is the readable text. Having excellent content has two benefits: user-friendliness and an enhancement for keyword rankings. Obviously, the more description you have about your website (i.e., services, products, etc.), the more information the website visitor will have to make a decision. If your text is…