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Top 5 Facebook Business Page Tips

Posted By: OrangeSoda

facebook, Facebook Business Page, social media, Social Network

If I’m being honest, I have to say I visit Facebook probably 25 times a day. While that’s embarrassing to admit (wish I were ghost writing this article), it means great things for the businesses I like. I personally like a bunch of different types of businesses, including businesses that teach me how to write…

Introducing Facebook Chat Heads

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Chat Heads, facebook, mobile, Social Network, Update

If you have any lofty notions of minimizing your social media contacts in order to lead a more Zen life, you may want to stop by Facebook just one more time and re-evaluate your decision. You may be caught off guard by how Facebook is continually improving their game, and find yourself happily buried in…

5 Tips for Maximizing your LinkedIn Profile

Posted By: OrangeSoda

LinkedIn, LinkedIn Profile, Professional Network, Social Media Profile, Social Network

LinkedIn is yet another awesome way to easily connect with other professionals. In fact, LinkedIn is the one social network that is solely dedicated to helping you show off your business smarts and grow your career opportunities. If you are looking to keep up with your colleagues, consider the following 5 steps for really getting…

Facebook is Keeping it Fresh!

Posted By: OrangeSoda

facebook, social media, Social Media Marketing, Social Network

It seems the leaders of each prominent social media platform are playing a competitive game of keeping up with the Joneses, and they’re all playing hard. I recently posted about all the cool updates on Google+, and, as it turns out, Facebook is not far behind when it comes to keeping it fresh. Facebook is…

Google Launches Google+ Sign-In

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, social media, Social Media Marketing, Social Network

Google+ recently launched a new security feature, which makes the process of signing into any app simple. If you are an app-savvy entrepreneur, here are just a few reasons you may want to consider adding Google+ Sign-In as one of your app login options.