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Three “Do Nots” for the Social Media Novice

Posted By: OrangeSoda

small business marketing, social media, Social Media Marketing

Social media matters. Sure, some may see it as a fad, but it has been proven time and time again to bring real results to businesses that use it correctly. Not only does social media influence SEO, but it also has a significant impact on your branding, marketing, and PR efforts as well. For those…

What burgers teach us about business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

customer service, small business marketing

As hard as my wife tries to get me interested in fresh fruits and veggies, I’m a junk food man at heart.  Guess what my two favorite gut-bombs are?  Burgers and doughnuts.  (Would you believe I’ve even tried a doughnut burger?  As in, the bun was made of doughnuts?  But I digress…)  What I’m saying here is I find burgers delicious….

5 Things to Remember When Pricing

Posted By: OrangeSoda

pricing, small business, small business marketing

Price and sell the cow…not the components of the cow. People don’t like being nickel and dimed. They want to know their final cost. This story of revenge should be familiar to anyone who’s ever bought a car from a dealer. A farmer had been taken so many times by the local car dealer that…

PRWeb’s Small Business Marketing Conference Wed. May 12 (Online)

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Anne Holland, Janet Thaeler, John Jantsch, marketing conference, marketing event, Online Marketing, Peter Shankman, small business marketing

If you want to learn online marketing without leaving your business, check out PRWeb’s newest online conference – Thrive. In this economy and with the changes in the marketplace, you need to make time to learn the latest ways to market your business. This conference will do that. Below I have linked to one of…