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To Business Expo, or Not to Business Expo

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Business Conference, Business Expo, Networking, referrals, sales

… That is the question. Ever since Shakespeare posed the profound question “to business expo, or not to business expo” (or something like that), business owners like you and me have been wondering if business expos are really worth the time, energy, and money. After all, you have to pay for a booth, give up…

If you're going to sell me something, know who I am and what I do.

Posted By: OrangeSoda

marketing, sales

I own; we make and sell baby slings. I get a lot of phone calls from marketers, vendors, and manufacturers. Many of these people are calling to sell me their services or products. Recently I set up a phone appointment with a marketer. They had an interesting offer and it seemed like it might…

If you don't have a goal for your website you're wasting money

Posted By: OrangeSoda

AIDA, sales, website

I talk to a lot of people that want websites but they’re not sure what they should be used for. They know websites are good and they know that every business needs one but they’re not sure what the purpose is. Take a lesson from activity based design and set some goals.

Get New Clients or Keep the Ones You Have?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

business, focus, sales

It seems as though nearly all successful entrepreneurs paid their dues as a salesperson at some point in their careers, I’m no exception! Years ago I paid my “sales” dues as a financial and insurance specialist with Allstate Insurance. At the time Allstate seemed to focus mostly on new business sales, as was indicated by…