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Why Online Reputation Management Matters

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Blog Content, Online Marketing, Online PR, pr, Public Relations, reputation management, social media

You may have heard the recent story of Posh Bagel. According to a Yelp one-star review, Posh Bagel allegedly denied service to a man dressed in a military uniform, and it caused an online uproar for obvious reasons. If you haven’t heard the story of Posh Bagel, perhaps you have heard that United breaks guitars….

Must-Know Online Marketing Terms

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Abbreviations, Acronyms, CTR, DM, Online Advertising, Online Marketing Terms, pr, ROAS, ROI, sem, Seo

Have you ever been the one in the meeting wondering what the heck the acronym everyone keeps saying actually means? Don’t worry; you’re probably not alone. In the world of online marketing, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of abbreviations and acronyms. Here is a short glossary of important online marketing terms, so…

Peter Shankman Invites Small Business to JUMP into Social Media

Posted By: OrangeSoda

events, pr, social media

OrangeSoda recently invited skydiver, adventurist, and entrepreneur Peter Shankman to talk about social media. Peter is best known for founding (or HARO), a site where  journalists and bloggers put up queries describing what they’re writing about. If you answer and it’s a fit, you could be interviewed and mentioned in their story. It’s a…

What is PageRank Still Being Used For?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, pagerank, pr

So, PageRank is dead, right? Oh no, it’s definitely alive and well. It’s not being used as a factor to determine a page’s ranking anymore, but it’s certainly not ignored. Let me explain. Google would never trash PageRank – it’s what made Google great! Before Google, the other search engines simply relied on what you…

Google Killed the PageRank Multiplier – What Does it Mean for SEO?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

page rank, pagerank, pr

I’ve gotten lots of questions from people about PageRank over the last few months, and wanted to set the record straight. Back in October, 2009, it became widely understood that Google was killing off PR. What does that mean for the SEOs? The simple answer – It changes nothing!