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Success featured in Target Marketing magazine

Posted By: OrangeSoda

business success, case study, OrangeSoda

One of the most exciting things about working for OrangeSoda is seeing how our marketing efforts can transform businesses. These experiences occur every day and often go unrecognized by the general public, however on occasion the work of our team members is showcased in a public forum. Such an experience occurred recently when Target Marketing…

OrangeSoda Wins "25 Under 5" Award

Posted By: OrangeSoda


The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum announced the winners of the 2011 “Top 25 Under 5” Award, and it looks like they love us. OrangeSoda snagged first prize in the non-profit group’s twelfth annual award ceremony to honor startup businesses enjoying fast growth and job creation. Utah Valley is quite the hub of startup tech companies,…

Google Places and CitrusBlast

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, google news, local, Local Maps, OrangeSoda, places, sem, Seo

OrangeSoda Featured in Utah Valley Business Q Magazine

Posted By: OrangeSoda

awards, news, OrangeSoda

We try to always follow our mother’s advice when she told us to believe in ourselves, but it’s always great when others tell us to believe in ourselves, too. Business Q published the results from the “Best of UV Business” survey, and OrangeSoda’s name was all over it. Check out how we did. 1st Best…

Handling Less Than Ideal PPC Realities

Posted By: OrangeSoda

call tracking, internet marketing strategy, local search, OrangeSoda, paid search

If you’ve been reading PPC blogs for any amount of time, you’ll notice that much of what you read seems to be tailored for businesses with big budgets and slick websites. Mind you, there’s tons of great advice and food for thought out there–it just may not help the SMB owner with limited development resources…