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3 Tips to Managing Online Feedback

Posted By: OrangeSoda

feedback, google, Local Online Marketing, negative reviews, online reviews, yelp

Public profiles are scary to business owners. Having a profile in networks like Yelp and Google+ Local (formerly Google Maps) can be a tough thing for business owners to handle. They want the exposure but are afraid of the ever-looming public review. I know a handful of small business owners who completely shy away from…

How to Deal With Negative Reviews

Posted By: OrangeSoda

negative reviews, Online Marketing, online reviews, small business

When push comes to shove, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. With all the methods out there for customers to publicly comment about your company, a customer’s disappointment is bound to result in a negative online review. While it’s never fun to have a negative review floating around the Internet, it’s probably…

Could Leaving a Negative Review Online Get you in Hot Water?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

negative reviews, online reviews, yelp

From what I’ve seen a major search engine starting with the letter G seems to favor negative reviews. Perhaps because they want to keep things authentic. Of course, anyone that’s doing anything is going to get negative criticism at some point. But when does a good review cross the line?

Is Your Business Plagued by Bad Reviews?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

bad reviews, google maps, Local Maps, negative reviews, online reviews, reputation management

Have you done a search for your business only to find bad reviews? How often do potential clients google your name before doing business with you? Have you already lost business due to bad reviews? Obviously you should listen to your customers, but are all your customers speaking? These questions constantly plague business owners. The…