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5 Marketing Essentials for Startups

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Brand, Business Plan, marketing, Marketing Plan, Mission Statement, Startup

Our ideas are often our greatest assets, and putting those ideas into action by starting a business can lead to mounds of success. The problem is starting a business is a lot easier said than done, and requires a lot of hard work to get your idea off the ground. While starting a business can…

Hook Line and Stinker

Posted By: OrangeSoda

deals, honesty, marketing

Personally I enjoy fishing. There are many things I find enjoyable about the serenity of being outdoors, the sound of quiet flowing water and the occasional riverbank conversation. What I do not care for, and would guess this goes for most people, is getting fished… hook, line and stinker. I am talking about ‚ÄúDEALS, DEALS,…

If you're going to sell me something, know who I am and what I do.

Posted By: OrangeSoda

marketing, sales

I own; we make and sell baby slings. I get a lot of phone calls from marketers, vendors, and manufacturers. Many of these people are calling to sell me their services or products. Recently I set up a phone appointment with a marketer. They had an interesting offer and it seemed like it might…

3 Ways to Make your Website Mobile-ready (Part 2)

Posted By: OrangeSoda

marketing, mobile

Think about the last time you tried to do anything on the web with your phone. Chances are that your experience was less than stellar. The problem is that many companies don’t take the time to think about the mobile user and their experience. So who’s doing it right?

The Marketing Economics of Halloween Attractions

Posted By: OrangeSoda

halloween, infographic, marketing, social media

With Halloween coming up, we were wondering how haunted houses, haunted forests, haunted corn mazes, and haunted¬†laundromats did business, marketed their hauntings, and made money. You’d figure that, in 2010, the number one marketing tool for these guys would be social media and the Internet but alas, it’s still the radio. Here’s some quick ideas…