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Sync Online Directories Through LocalSync [Infographic]

Posted By: OrangeSoda

local business, Local Directories, Local Maps, LocalSync, Online Directory, small business

Wasn’t life so easy and grand when all you would have to do to find a local business was open the phone book and sort through thousands of pages? Today, thankfully, more and more people (like everyone) are turning to the Internet to find local businesses. In fact, I bet if you asked a youngster…

What You Must Know for Local SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

local business, Local Maps, Local SEO, Search Engine Marketing, search engine optimization, sem, Seo

If most of your customers are located near your brick-and-mortar business, then you have probably considered conducting local SEO campaigns. When you have a local business, local SEO is the best way to utilize your internet advertising budget. Whether you run your campaign through an online advertising agency like OrangeSoda or you do your own…

The Basics of Local Optimization

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Internet Marketing, local business, Local Online Marketing, Local Optimization, Online Marketing, Online Optimization, Optimization Strategies, small business

Local optimization is one of the best ways to bring customers into your business. Optimizing for local search, like Google MAPS, is the perfect way to find customers in your area. Like any internet optimization technique, there are a series of important strategies to follow in order to see the best results possible. If you…

Transitioning from Google Places to Google+ Local

Posted By: OrangeSoda

local business, Local Maps

Google is constantly changing its algorithms and platforms. What once was a new phenomenon is now old news. On May 30, 2012, Google officially announced the merge from Places to Google+ Local. Eighty million Places pages that were once part of Google Places Maps were converted to Google+ Local pages.

Wedding advice is usually good business advice too

Posted By: OrangeSoda

business, local business, small business

Isn’t it weird how strangers give out random wedding advice?  Back when my wife-before-she-was-my-wife and I were engaged, people told us all sorts of stuff.  You know, don’t go to bed angry, always fight naked, “when wife is happy, life is happy,” and whatever else strangers like to tell you when they find Pout you’re getting married.  But…