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The Best Keyword Research Tools

Posted By: OrangeSoda

adwords, keyword research, Keyword Tools., Online Marketing, paid search, Seo, SpyFu, Traffic Estimator

If you want to promote your business online, then keyword research should be at the top of your list of things to learn. While you want to make sure your content is natural and relevant, it is also important to strategically incorporate the right keywords into your content. Targeting the right keywords helps search engines…

Using Google Analytics to Battle Bounce Rate

Posted By: OrangeSoda

bounce rate, Google analytics, keyword research, landing page, landing page optimization, LPO

As a website owner, you probably dream of making your landing page the online equivalent of a luxury lounge. In other words, your goal is for visitors to relax and peruse your website for as long as possible, instead of bouncing out the second they land on the page. Thankfully, Google Analytics provides some tools…

Is There a Difference in Rankings between Singular and Plural Keywords?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

choosing a keyword, keyword ideas, keyword rankings, keyword research, keyword selection

On occasion, I have been asked about the difference between keywords that are singular and keywords that are plural. Does it matter which one you target? Do they rank differently on search engines? Combining my experiences with keyword research with a quick experiment, I wanted to share what I have concluded. Let’s say we’re deciding…

The Importance of Keyword Selection

Posted By: OrangeSoda

keyword research, keywords

Can you have SEO without keywords? Let me share my personal definition of SEO with you and let’s answer that together. SEO is making a webpage more relevant to search engines for a keyword Working with this definition, it would not be possible to do SEO without a keyword.