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Four Tips to Grow Your Brand Online

Posted By: OrangeSoda

branding, Buyer Trends, customer service, Online Brand, Seo

With more than 60% of consumers going online to find the best products and services, it is important to make sure you are doing everything in your power to promote your business online. One way to accomplish this is to implement strategies from companies that are successfully marketing online. Here are some ideas that will…

Nice doing business with you?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

customer, customer service

One of the fastest, most eye-opening ways to improve your business is to be your own client for a day.  Try it!  Pretend you’re a person who wants to buy whatever your company offers.  First, how easy is it to find your company?  Does a basic internet search bring it up or do you need to have some sort…

What burgers teach us about business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

customer service, small business marketing

As hard as my wife tries to get me interested in fresh fruits and veggies, I’m a junk food man at heart.  Guess what my two favorite gut-bombs are?  Burgers and doughnuts.  (Would you believe I’ve even tried a doughnut burger?  As in, the bun was made of doughnuts?  But I digress…)  What I’m saying here is I find burgers delicious….

Free Pizza From Papa John's

Posted By: OrangeSoda

customer service

Ok that was dirty…there is no free pizza for people reading this post. Anyway… A week or so ago I purchased two Papa John’s pizzas for my family to enjoy, one cheese/cheese and one BBQ Chicken and Bacon speciality. To my horror (yeah, horror) when I arrived home, the speciality pizza was missing a lot of…

From Grouchy to Grateful

Posted By: OrangeSoda

customer service

Mistakes are a huge pain in the neck for both business and consumer.  When was the last time you, yourself, were an unsatisfied customer? Think about it for a sec. Maybe it was this morning when you realized your just-purchased socks had a big fat hole in them.  Maybe your new computer’s M-key is sticking and it’s…