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Best Online Marketing Blogs

Posted By: OrangeSoda

blogging, blogs, Online Marketing, Resources

You’ve probably been wondering how I got to be such a stellar source of Internet marketing wisdom. Oh, you’re not wondering? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. The truth is most of the knowledge I’ve acquired, and continue to acquire, comes from a daily dose of reading the best Internet marketing blogs out there. Turns out…

Increase Traffic with a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Blog, blogging, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Infographics, search engine optimization

Content Marketing—As a website owner, you are probably interested in how to get noticed by top search engines. Of course there are many different strategies involved in building a successful online marketing campaign, but all of these strategies should be built around one solid idea. What’s that idea? Drum roll, please—all strategies should focus on…

Improve Your Online Credibility With Google Author Rank

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Author Rank, blogging, Community, google, Online Credibility, Online Followers

With a huge emphasis on relevancy and quality in the world of online marketing, it’s no surprise that Google takes measures to reward credible authors. In fact, Google has its own system called Author Rank that helps cut down on spam and helps Internet users find the most relevant information quickly. In order to increase…

To Blog, or Not to Blog?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Blog, blogging, Online Marketing, website, Website Blog

Perhaps you are battling the question of whether or not you should have a blog on your website. I’m not sure why you are engaging in such a difficult battle with yourself, because this question has a super easy answer. That answer? A resounding yes. Adding a relevant blog to your website is one of…

Five Tips to Whip Your Blog into SEO Shape

Posted By: OrangeSoda

blogging, Seo

Chirp chirp. Chirp chirp. Sometimes I hear the sound of crickets when I stumble across certain blogs written by small business owners. At first glance, the content is good, thorough, and up-to-date, but the page rank is 0 and there are a dozen signs leading me to believe that no one reads this blog. What…