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Why Adding Negative Keywords Is a Positive Thing

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Trying to sell your products or services to the wrong customer is about as effective as trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. If you’re tired of the wrong people clicking on your ads, using negative keywords in your campaign can help. Here’s what you need to know. Prevent the wrong consumers from clicking on…

How to Choose the Right Bid Management Software for Your Company

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Ready to dive straight into PPC nerd mode? Let’s get right to it—handling your company’s PPC campaign can be tricky when you’re manually managing your PPC bids yourself. If you’ve considered bid management software for your advertising campaign, here’s a closer look at 3 of the most successful software programs. First: A Brief Look at…

Are Your PPC Ads Sending the Right Message? Here Are 7 Tips.

Posted By: OrangeSoda

The Internet delivers information within seconds (or should we say milliseconds) when you type in a query. If I had to guess, this has made a profound impact on the way you search; the amount of time you are willing to invest in searching for something has dramatically decreased over the years. And if this…

Three Easy Changes for Optimizing Your Mobile PPC Campaigns

Posted By: OrangeSoda

PPC ads are one of the most valuable online marketing techniques for businesses looking for conversions because the results are easily tracked, which means you get answers about where your traffic is coming from and what actions the ads are driving—therefore, giving you all the information you need to determine the worth of your investment….

Three Pros and Cons of Using Mobile PPC for Your Clients

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Paid search marketing is all the rage in 2014. In a study conducted last year by Hanapin Marketing, 73 percent surveyed said they were planning to increase their PPC spend this year. Why are the pros investing more in this platform? Because these ads get conversions and make money for clients. Now with the addition…