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Website Friction and the SMB

Posted By: OrangeSoda

friction, Internet Marketing, internet marketing strategy, landing page optimization, online marketing strategy, web analytics, web site marketing, website text

When it comes to their business website, too many small business owners still cling to the false notion of, “If you build it, they will come.” The idea is that having a web presence will get the job done. Put up the site, get the products on there, slap the logo on it and watch…

Conversion Rate Optimization

Posted By: OrangeSoda

conversion rate, focus, usability testing

As 2009 begins to blasts into 2010 I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do more with less, on how to focus on the most important, and on how to let good things not get done and instead focus on the getting the best things done. I hear over and over again, “We need…

Website Monetization Mechanics

Posted By: OrangeSoda

how to monetize your website, website monetization

Ever wonder if there is a stable, predictable equation for figuring out if your ROI will be worthwhile on your Internet marketing investment? There is! There are lots of variables and assumptions you’ll have to make, but the more data you make these assumptions from, the better your prediction model will be.

The Value of Your Website

Posted By: OrangeSoda

begginner's seo, web site marketing

As humans we are always looking for the quick win, the magic pill, the painless success. It’s got to be built into our DNA–conserve resources, achieve the most survival with the least expenditure of energy. So it comes as no surprise to me that my SEO clients continually want to take shortcuts with their SEO…

Why SEO and Groceries are Different

Posted By: OrangeSoda

SEO budgeting, SEO investment

Dealing often with client budgets, I have come to realize that buying Internet marketing services is nothing like buying groceries. Buying Groceries When you are buying groceries, you buy the product at the cheapest price possible. There is no differentiation between a box of Hamburger Helper from Smith’s or from Albertson’s, and you’d never go…