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What is Linkbait and How Do I Do It?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

link bait, linkbait, linkbaiting

Linkbait – it has a negative connotation when you use the word ‘bait’. The fact is, it is a misnomer. Linkbait is the process of publishing something to the internet that is awesome enough for others to want to link to it. There are types of content that people naturally spread and link to, and…

Traditional and Online Marketing Synergy

Posted By: OrangeSoda

billboard advertising, traditional advertising

We always love to get feedback from our readers. Here is a thoughtful response to “Traditional Marketing: An Investment or a Waste?” By James Hurst, a guest blogger. While I do agree with much of what AJ wrote, allow me to expand upon his original post with some alternate viewpoints.

How to Make More Money Without Increasing Traffic

Posted By: OrangeSoda

conversion rate optimization, cro

I recently worked on an astonishing client account. For a highly-searched, national keyword, they had the 1st position on every search engine (Awesome problem to have as an SEO, eh?). This was the most relevant keyword to their business, so I started looking for associated keywords – again, first position for every word. I started…

Two Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Create Business

Posted By: OrangeSoda

make money from website, website conversion, website design, website layout, website text, website theme

You have hired a firm to conduct your SEO campaign. The correct keywords were chosen, on-site changes have been made, link building efforts are ongoing, and your website is ranking in the top three positions on the three major search engines (for your respective keywords). You even have the analytics that show a large number…

Bad Internets! Bad, Bad Internets! – Quit the Blog Comment Spam Already

Posted By: OrangeSoda

blog comments, blogs, spam

Anyone who has ever written on or read a blog in the last oh, say, 50 years knows that a lot of blogs are jammed up with a lot of comment SPAM. For some reason, some internet marketers or so-called SEO experts think its a smart tactic. It’s not. Example of a bad blog comment:…