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What is PageRank Still Being Used For?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, pagerank, pr

So, PageRank is dead, right? Oh no, it’s definitely alive and well. It’s not being used as a factor to determine a page’s ranking anymore, but it’s certainly not ignored. Let me explain. Google would never trash PageRank – it’s what made Google great! Before Google, the other search engines simply relied on what you…

Google's Experiment Search Feature: Streaming Search Results

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, google search factors, search, search engine optimization, search engine results, search engines

The Power of Local Mobile Search [infographic]

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, infographic, local, mobile, search

We’ve been really amazed to watch things changing lately. Everything is going mobile and everything is getting more and more localized. Local search is skyrocketing exponentially and we wanted to try to communicate some of the changes that are going on. Check out our infographic after the bump.

Apple Enters the Mobile Advertising Space

Posted By: OrangeSoda

apple, google, google news, iphone, mobile, mobile ads, mobile advertising

For the past few years there have been huge advances in moving the internet from your desktop to your pocket. Right now there is a big battle to dominate the mobile space–the hottest players are Google and Apple. This battle ensures a bright future for mobile advertising and Apple, Inc. wants a piece of the…

Google Caffeine Update and Chasing the Algorithm

Posted By: OrangeSoda

caffine, google, google news

Google recently announced a significant change to their search index nicknamed “Caffeine.” The idea of Caffeine was introduced to the world about 10 months ago and there has been no shortage of speculation and concern from the search marketing world since then.