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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Posted By: OrangeSoda

blogging, blogs, why you need a blog

Should your business website have a blog? Does having a blog help in SEO or getting more sales? What is the relation between SEO and blogging?   Well, these are the questions which are often asked by business owners about how a blog can help their business. If you, too, are a business owner searching for…

3 Keys to Successful Viral Video Marketing

Posted By: OrangeSoda

video marketing, viral marketing, viral video marketing

For many years I’ve found myself fascinated with online videos. As an Internet marketer, that fascination has developed into something of a quest to create a replicable pattern for viral video creation. Creating a successful viral video is, after all, the Holy Grail of online marketing. One of the greatest viral video success stories is…

Increasing Website Conversions: How Categorization, Personalization, and Choice Limitation Can Increase Sales

Posted By: OrangeSoda

conversion optimization

This is a guest post by Roko Nastic. Take a moment and vote in his poll about the best web hosting companies. The key to increasing conversions for any website is simplicity and personalization. Having a mass of generalized products all vying for attention will drive customers away in a state of confusion. By reducing…

Top 10 Ways To Get More Results From What You Already Have

Posted By: OrangeSoda

more from your online marketing, results, testing

It’s a well known fact that the most effective methods to increase the amount of money you make with your product or affiliate offer include Getting more traffic to your website, meaning your offer is exposed to more people. Increasing conversion rates, resulting in an increase in amount of sales you can generate from that…

The Art of Adding Value Online

Posted By: OrangeSoda

add value online, crowdsourcing, Internet Marketing, know your competition, market research, Online Marketing, understand your customers

Internet marketing is a booming industry, with all manner of businesses attempting to get a slice of the pie. In an ever increasingly competitive venue, how can small businesses set themselves apart, and succeed online? The key is to “Add Value”. But what does that really mean? Not every business can add value in the…