7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

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Should your business website have a blog? Does having a blog help in SEO or getting more sales? What is the relation between SEO and blogging?   Well, these are the questions which are often asked by business owners about how a blog can help their business. If you, too, are a business owner searching for answers of similar questions then here are the few SOLID reasons why your corporate website should have a blog.

1. Keep the content fresh

Search engines love fresh content and since websites with blogs are easier to add content compared to standard website, having a blog on your business website provides you an effective way to add fresh content to your website.

2. More indexed pages

Updating your blog one time a day and five times a week means around 20 new pages of content every month and 240 pages in a year. Even after one year of blogging (if we assume that the size of a normal business website is five pages), you would have 245 pages filled with content in search engines’ index, which is 49 times more than the normal website.

3. More chances of getting found in search engines

The more pages indexed, the more visible your website will be in search engines. Regularly adding keyword-rich articles to your blog will increase the chances of getting your website ranked for many long-tail search engine queries that were not possible with a normal website. These long-tail keywords can also collectively bring more traffic to your website than your main keywords.

We’ve seen the effects from our promotional products site. As we add more pages of products and content, we further increase our traffic through keyterms different from our main keywords.

4. More inbound links

We all know that “link building” is the most important and the most difficult part of every online marketing plan. And when it comes to search engine optimization, blogs filled with useful content act as link magnets. Websites with blogs will attract links more readily than static business websites.

5. Increase your reach

Having a blog will help you to reach out to your wider target audience. The best thing about a blog is that the unique and compelling content will provide a valid reason for visitors to come back to your website which was not possible earlier. Normally, people don’t visit a business website if they don’t have to buy anything; with a blog, however, they now have to return to get the latest, useful information about the industry.

6. Helps you to understand your audience

One of the most powerful aspects of blogging is the effective communication between the blogger and readers. As a blogger you can ask a question about your products from your readers. Readers can now leave their opinions more easily in the comments. So, blogging will help you to understand your audience in a much better way.

7. Helps you to build your credibility

Expressing your opinions about the latest developments and happenings in the industry (i.e., adding fresh content to your website) will help you to improve your credibility in the eyes of your potential customers and search engines.

Blogging is still one of the most effective tools of online marketing. If your business website doesn’t have a blog now, then these reasons will definitely make you to rethink your current online marketing strategy.

Do you know of any other benefit you enjoyed from blogging on your corporate website? Share them with us in the comments below.