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Handling Less Than Ideal PPC Realities

Posted By: OrangeSoda

call tracking, internet marketing strategy, local search, OrangeSoda, paid search

If you’ve been reading PPC blogs for any amount of time, you’ll notice that much of what you read seems to be tailored for businesses with big budgets and slick websites. Mind you, there’s tons of great advice and food for thought out there–it just may not help the SMB owner with limited development resources…

Branding through PPC – Setting the record straight

Posted By: OrangeSoda

branding, paid search, pay per click advertising, website optimization

I’ve heard some silly things over the past year about pay per click advertising’s ability to boost a brand and it’s time to clarify some of this nonsense whilst propping up the truth about how to use PPC to build your brand.

The 3 Pillars of PPC Text Ads

Posted By: OrangeSoda

paid search, text ads

A pay per click text ad may look unimpressive, but as a seasoned PPC professional, I can tell you that no other group of 140 characters can be so confounding to perfect, nor have as much of an impact on your online marketing efforts as your pay per click text ad. Why is it so…

PPC and SEO Increases Leads Over 3,000% for Online Retailer

Posted By: OrangeSoda

MarketingSherpa, paid search, Seo

MarketingSherpa did a case study on a business that sees online leads pour in – after they started PPC and SEO to market their web site. I half expected to see our name on the article since what they talked about is OrangeSoda‘s specialty! Note: MarketingSherpa articles are free for a limited time and then…

What NOT to do on your PPC Campaign

Posted By: OrangeSoda

paid search

Here are Harrison’s tips on what NOT to do on an PPC campaign – a follow-up post to his tips on how to optimize a PPC campaign. Don’t content and search ads in the same campaigns. On search CTR (click through rate) is important, but not on content. On the content network you’re interrupting people,…