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Improve Your Online Credibility With Google Author Rank

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Author Rank, blogging, Community, google, Online Credibility, Online Followers

With a huge emphasis on relevancy and quality in the world of online marketing, it’s no surprise that Google takes measures to reward credible authors. In fact, Google has its own system called Author Rank that helps cut down on spam and helps Internet users find the most relevant information quickly. In order to increase…

The Skinny on Google Knowledge Graph

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, Google Knowledge Graph, search engine optimization, Seo

Search Engine Optimization at its core is data optimization. Our task is to optimize content on the Internet so search engines can easily correlate meaning. When the search engines can display more of your accurate business information, you get more customers! Google has long been in the market of showing the best results based upon…

Google Launches Google+ Sign-In

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, social media, Social Media Marketing, Social Network

Google+ recently launched a new security feature, which makes the process of signing into any app simple. If you are an app-savvy entrepreneur, here are just a few reasons you may want to consider adding Google+ Sign-In as one of your app login options.

Holy Cover Photo, Google+!

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, Google Plus, social media, Social Media Marketing, Social Network

Yesterday Google+ launched some exciting new updates to the Google+ profile that make navigating profiles easier. Not to mention, they look pretty snazzy.

Deconstructing Pandas and Penguins

Posted By: OrangeSoda

algorithm, google, google news, panda, penguin, Seo

Anyone who follows the SEO world knows that Google makes changes to their search algorithm quite often. Google posted a video about search algorithm improvements that stated that Google implements over 500 improvements to its algorithm each year. That’s more than one improvement per day. Many of these changes happen without the general public knowing…