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Bathroom Cube Prank

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Here at OrangeSoda, we have a long history of pranks. We love to prank each other which led one of our best PPC Analysts, Dallin Price, into trouble. After pranking someone else Dallin expressed his interest in being involved in the next prank; he then promptly went on vacation for a week. Who in their…

Google Docs to Store More Than Docs!

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google docs, google news, topeka docs

An awesome announcement today from the fellas at Topeka has just broken. You can now store ANYTHING in Google docs!  What does that mean for the layman? Here are some ideas to get your cogs going: Upload your bike so you never have to walk anywhere Upload a can of gasoline so you never have…

Google Changes Name to Topeka

Posted By: OrangeSoda

This has to be the most bizarre branding move I’ver ever seen! In response to Topeka changing their name to Google, Google has now changed it’s name to Topeka! What does this mean to the everday user? Well, it means that people are going to have to start to change their vocabulary. If someone tells…

The Top 10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists Suck

Posted By: OrangeSoda

top 10 lists, why top ten lists suck

In keeping with OrangeSoda’s clever irony, I thought I would poke a little fun at top 10 lists. The truth is, top 10’s used to make great linkbait. After all, who doesn’t want to link to a concise resource that provides great value? It’s getting old, though. It’s been hashed, rehashed, used and abused, and…

Sarah Killen Famous because of Conan O'Brien

Posted By: OrangeSoda

conan obrien, lovelybutton, sarah killen, twitter case study

OK, I thought this was just fantastic. I am a huge Twitter user, and I love stories about how Twitter and other social media platforms change lives. I follow Conan O’Brien since his Tonight Show debacle, and every day he tweets something that is hilarious. Today he did something that shows the power of a…