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What is PageRank Still Being Used For?

Posted By: OrangeSoda

google, pagerank, pr

So, PageRank is dead, right? Oh no, it’s definitely alive and well. It’s not being used as a factor to determine a page’s ranking anymore, but it’s certainly not ignored. Let me explain. Google would never trash PageRank – it’s what made Google great! Before Google, the other search engines simply relied on what you…

In Choosing an SEO Company, You Are the Boss!

Posted By: OrangeSoda

choosing an seo company, hiring an seo company

In achieving success in the world of online business, SEO plays a very important role. SEO makes it possible for a website to rank on the top list in the search engine results page. A website at the top of the list will, of course, be visited by more people who are looking for the…

How Your Trust/Authority Affects Your Rankings

Posted By: OrangeSoda

domain authority, site trust

In the graph of ranking metrics that SEOmoz puts out, the largest slice of the pie (24%) is called “Trust and Authority of the Host Domain”. This means that just under ¼ of how you rank is determined by your site’s trust and authority. Why would the #1 most important factor in ranking be your…

The Five Modes of Social Media, part 5: Reputation Management

Posted By: OrangeSoda

managing your reputation, reputation management, social media

Social media is awesome and can do so much for your business, but with so many modes of use that it can provide, how do you prioritize and where do you start? Great questions – let’s start out with listing all five modes: Branding/PR Sales channel Promotions Customer interaction Reputation management This is the fifth…

Give Your Website More Sex Appeal

Posted By: OrangeSoda

conversion optimization, SEO expectations, website design, website traffic

Yes, this blog post title was chosen partly because, as they say, “sex sells,” and partly because I had never written the word “sex” in a blog post before. Now that I can check one more item off my blog bucket list, I do want to focus on why you should consider a tweak to…