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10 Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Online Videos

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Any time you can add a video to your website, you are adding huge value. Well-done, well-placed videos significantly improve the user experience. You probably have multiple purposes in mind for your video, such as: Increased brand awareness More traffic to your site More conversions on your site Speaking of how videos can lead to…

8 Simple Tips for Speeding Up Your Website

Posted By: OrangeSoda

Let’s face it: users want it, and they want it fast. Slower websites lose traffic and conversions. Even trusted and reliable sites lose traffic and revenue for delays on their site. Do you know what is slowing down your site? Is it coding, JavaScript, or something else? You don’t have to be a developer to…

How Local Directories on SERPs Changed SEO

Posted By: OrangeSoda

The Study: How Directories Affect SEO Recently, I had our engineering team at OrangeSoda perform a study of how all our SEO keywords were ranking on SERPs. The results that we found have changed SEO and our keyword ranking strategies. First, we pulled all of the keywords we were optimizing, but not any halo keywords….

Six Reasons to Use Markup

Posted By: Megan Palmer markup is simpler than it sounds. It is basically a collection of html tags that you can place on any given page of your website to help search engines understand the information on that page. It is a form of structured data markup, called microdata, that tells search engines what your page is about….

How to Create an Effective Social Media Campaign

Posted By: OrangeSoda

So you’re convinced. Social media is here to stay and you want a piece. But how? Social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing tool. By definition, social media is an online space for people to communicate. More accurately, social media is a way of life. How do you make social media part of your business’s “way…