5 Tips To Better Engage Your Customers Through Facebook

There are many different ways to engage your customers through Facebook that do not involve screaming marketing messages or spamming your entire Business Page list. Follow these 5 simple tips to Facebook Marketing success!

Truly Engage Your Audience

This is a biggie as it will determine how much business you can convert from Facebook. If you are providing great information like industry news, links to your relevant products, videos about your business and more, people will flock to spread the word about your page.

Want to drive people away from your Facebook page? Send out a ton of invitations when you haven’t even bothered to set up your info page or do nothing but post your product offerings in one big long line of links. Facebook is a social network that REQUIRES you to put some effort into building relationships. Do not skimp on this step!

Grow a list of friends

I have so many business owners ask me how they can get Facebook Fans (or now Facebook Like’s) without having to bother their “friends”. If you are serious about using Facebook to market your business, you have to get over this. My friends all know that they have to put up with some marketing to be my friend. This happens in real life as well as on Facebook so they are okay with it.

Additionally, it is REALLY hard to get a large number of Business Page Fans without having any friends to suggest it to. Now, do not blast out your page to every contact you have before it is going, BUT when you are set up with a ton of great content, feel free to “suggest” it to every one of you Friends!

Talk back to the people who comment on your information

I can not stand to see business people who do not bother to answer when someone posts a comment, good or bad. If they say something nice, consider direct messaging them and thanking them. If they say something bad, engage them in the open and attempt to make it right.

A lot of times you can turn someone around just by hearing them out and offering a solution instead of ignoring their concerns or deleting their comment (now if they swear or are abusive, feel free to delete). While it is never fun to hear that someone is unhappy with your company, it’s better to find out now rather than when the damage is irreparable!

Make it easy to communicate with you

If you are not a technology type, find someone who is to help you. Email and online tools are the standard today and if you can’t use them you are falling further and further behind the curve. Just the other day someone sent me a questionnaire about their Business Page. They asked that I cut and paste their questions into an email and then answer and send back. Are you kidding me? Free tools like www.surveymonkey.com have made this convoluted system a thing of the past.

Have LOTS of links and contact information available

It always amazes me that business owners do not have big bold ways to get contact information all over their Facebook Page. Make sure you have email addresses, website links and phone numbers available so that anyone who is intrigued with your products or services can order.

Offer Facebook Fan Only Specials to your Business Page readers. Track where they come from by having a landing page on your website or blog that shows that they came through a Facebook link. Have a special phone number so that you know where the phone calls come from. Ask everyone who contacts your company how they happened to hear about you.

Just by following these 5 easy tips to engage your customers through Facebook, you can increase the conversions from all of the time and energy you spend on your social media marketing efforts!


Mallory - Miss Malaprop

Great tips! I find it frustrating when people complain about their lack of Facebook fans, or interaction with said fans, but their Facebook page reads as an exact duplicate of their blog entries or it’s just links to new products in their shop. I think the value of Facebook is that it offers a unique way to interact with your fans and customers, so you have to create content that is different from what you offer elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should ask questions, provoke interaction and provide entertainment.


After reading your post…it give me more confidence to create my own fanpage for Facebook. Thanks!!!

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