Top 5 Social Media Writing Tips

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Want to be let in on a cool secret about writing for social media outlets? You can forget everything your college English professor taught you about writing. Well, almost everything. You probably don’t want to mix up the classic you’re/your, it’s/its, and they’re/there/their, unless you want tons of comments about how you stink at English. With the exception of always employing proper grammar, go ahead and forget your college writing class, and consider this instead.

1. Keep it short…very short

A study by Buddy Media research shows that posts with 80 characters, or less, receive nearly 23% higher interaction that longer posts. Get to the point in 80 characters or less.

2. Write for people that are in a hurry

People usually check their social media sites when they have a few minutes to spare here and there. Instead of writing an organized 5-paragraph essay, write for someone who may just be checking their social media accounts for a few minutes between business appointments or kids’ soccer games.

3. Show off your sense of humor

Social media platforms are the perfect place to show off your wit. Crack jokes. Make puns. Play on words. Do whatever it takes to get your audience giggling. People are much more likely to share content that is funny.

4. Make it easy to share

One great way to make your content easy to share is to make sure your posts aren’t too long. It’s perfectly acceptable to shorten a word to make it all fit. Most everyone understand that “RT” means “retweet,” for example. Don’t go too crazy on the abbreviations, though, or people might think you’re a teenager.

5. Have a conversation

When people respond to your clever post, make sure to acknowledge their comment by responding to them directly. This shows you value your customers.