5 SEO Don'ts for Beginners

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The sad truth is that so many people these days have a website, yet have no clue about impacting their rankings through SEO. I myself have consulted many people who don’t know where to begin, making their success as an online business almost an impossibility.

To get yourself started on the right track as an online business, here are the top 5 SEO don’ts to avoid!

DON’T wait.

If you are twiddling your thumbs and wondering whether or not SEO is the right choice for your online business, time is passing you by! You don’t need to feel overwhelmed with the need to write thousands of articles on a weekly basis, but using SEO will make sure that your customers will legitimately find your website when they want to.

DON’T hire just any SEO company.

The truth of the matter is that SEO is a hot Internet topic, and many companies are popping up to capitalize on this industry. Choose a reputable company that won’t make unrealistic promises so that you can trust that your website is in good hands for the money spent.

DON’T stop learning.

Even if you have an SEO company working for you, SEO is an ever-changing industry, so you need to be in the know. If you are spending your money on SEO, do your homework and understand what is going on, bottom line.

DON’T forget long tail keywords.

Yes, you may be selling exercise equipment online, but don’t only target keywords like “fitness” or “treadmills”. Can you imagine what the competition is like for those keywords? Instead, also add long tail keywords that will be more specific and easy to rank for, like “San Diego fitness equipment” or “Nike running shoes”. You get the idea.

DON’T resort to keyword stuffing.

Stuffing keywords in your page footer with hidden text or light text colors is an SEO practice that was used over a decade ago, and it will be seen as spam. Even worse, you could get penalized by Google!

Overall, as a new or experienced online business, this is your opportunity to increase your visibility through avoiding these simple SEO mistakes.



thanks for these tips…im a newbie in the world of SEO, I found bunch of articles about it but your is short but direct…thanks!

Directory Submission

I like your advice, do you know of any good reputable SEO companies?


There are lots of websites that offers similar packages for people who wants to make use of the internet for marketing purposes but doesn’t know how to create a website. Some of these websites would start their packages from web designs to website promotion and exposure over the internet. If you’re thinking about getting services from these providers try to scout and compare different providers and what they can do for your business.

James Neil

One of the things (tricks) I recommend to prospective clients who ask my how to evaluate / judge the capabilities of a self-proclaimed SEO expert is to do a rudimentary site analysis on the experts’ site. Its’ pretty easy really to assess if their site “walks their talk”. Using Firefox you can… 1) right click, view page info, their Keywords 2) enter their KW’s into Google and see if they rank on page one. 2) enter their URL into the Alex toolbar 3) inspect their top level metrics. 3) compare their details with the other sites that ranked 1-2-3 on Google (and) do the same 3-step on the Related Links tab in the Firefox browser.

If the site doesn’t have a Alexa <50k or doesn't command a page rank of at least 3 or if their Alexa metrics don't meet your "laugh test" — I would suggest you CLICK NEXT and move on.