5 Reasons Why Visitors Might Hate Your Website and Some Easy Fixes

Ahhh, the World Wide Web. What a wonderful place! A place where you can get answers to your most pressing questions in less than one second. A place where you can find services when you need them last minute and a place that you can shop in your pajamas while lying on the couch. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a website for your business already, you are far behind the times and it’s time to get with it. (We can help you with that!)

Even though you have a website and it’s functional doesn’t mean your customers love visiting or using your website. In fact, they might love your services but hate your site. Here are some reasons why your website could be turning customers away and people might secretly (or not so secretly) hate it. We also included some suggestions for easy fixes.

It has the wrong amount of content.

Content marketers are rejoicing because their hard work is paying off: content reigns supreme in 2014. But you have to find the right amount for your users. People might hate your website because it doesn’t deliver what they want content-wise.

Google algorithms are targeting websites with thin content or content that doesn’t match the line of business or purpose of the site. You may have recently seen a drop in search rankings if your site content isn’t up to par.

On the flipside, you don’t want TOO much content on your site. If it is too wordy or contains too much jargon (lawyers are often guilty of this), visitors are quick to bounce. Make sure the content is easy to scan, since most online readers don’t read every single world, and don’t include too much or too little.

Easy fix: Have someone who is unfamiliar with the subject read through the content to see if there are things you need to explain in more detail or certain things you repeat and can remove.

Important info is hard to find.

If important information is buried deep in the content, you will not get the conversions you want. Online searchers need information fast and if they don’t get it on your site, they will look elsewhere. Don’t hide important information about pricing, scheduling, operational hours, or services. Clearly display this information and make it easy for your visitors to convert.

Easy fix: Don’t make your visitor search through content to get the info they need now. Ensure your contact information is in plain sight. Even better, place a button on your site that allows a mobile user to click straight to a phone call with you.

It isn’t mobile-friendly.

Let’s face it; people are pretty lazy. 81% of searchers use their phone because it is convenient and quick.1 Users like mobile-optimized websites because they are user friendly and load correctly. You should have a mobile version of your website available for use and the version should contain only pertinent information for the searcher. More than 40% of mobile searches are goal-oriented, meaning the searcher is planning to go somewhere or call someone after the search. 2 Set up your mobile site to serve this need.

Easy fix: Hire our website whizzes to make you a website that is ready for mobile use. There are also several tools online that can help you convert your site, but it can be pricey.

It has broken links.

Ever seen this?

Pinterest 404 PageIf you’re an avid pinner, you’re all too familiar. Getting this message repeatedly can lead to slight depression for pinners and website visitors alike. A 404 error means the page is “not found.” You might get this error because the website, or targeted URL, doesn’t exist. Therefore, the link is broken.

Easy fix: Broken links are easily prevented—check all the links before your site is live! A broken link could be the thing standing between you and dozens of conversions.

It just looks bad.

Call us superficial, but we don’t like looking at sites that are too colorful, have too many fonts, or aren’t easy to navigate. We are willing to bet your customers feel the same way. Not everyone has an eye for design, and this is a good reason to hire a professional web designer or builder to make something that is appealing for a wide audience.

Even the 1998 version of google.com had the right idea in mind: simplicity.

Google BetaEasy fix: You can use a template to design and build your site if you are doing it on your own. Templates are popular because they already have color schemes and content placement figured out for you. It can be a good option for a short-term solution, but you might want to look into a long-term plan if you plan on adding a lot of content to your site.

There isn’t an exact science to making a good website, but there are several things that marketing experts suggest if you want your website to make conversions. Now’s the time to evaluate your website and determine the weaknesses. If you get overwhelmed with the technical stuff, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

[2] http://www.vocus.com/blog/50-mobile-search-stats-and-why-you-should-care/