5 Reasons Case Studies are Crucial to your Marketing Campaign


Case studies are a great way to demonstrate the value and benefits of using your product or services. Well-written case studies convince prospects they need your product or services by demonstrating how a satisfied customer used your solution to produce tangible benefits and ROI.

Even though case studies are proven, time and time again, to better convert leads into customers, many businesses today are still missing case studies as a part of their marketing strategy. Some businesses think they are too small, some say they don’t have any case study volunteers, and some simply don’t know how to get started. Whatever the reason may be, if you aren’t using them, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach leads and buyers.

Here are 5 main reasons why case studies should be an integral part of EVERY marketing campaign.

People trust customer testimonials.

More than simply marketing speak and a sales pitch, a case study demonstrates exactly how the solution or product has benefited another similar company.

Case studies are great for SEO.

Each time you add a case study to your website, you are adding an additional webpage full of high-quality, useful, relevant content to Google’s index, which in turn gives your domain more SEO authority.

Case studies can be repurposed for your content marketing strategy.

Like I said before, customer case studies are one of THE highest converting pieces of content any business can have. If your company has an e-newsletter, include a small section that highlights your latest case study. If you are sending out an e-mail blast to potential customers, include a link to a case study relevant to the audience’s industry and profile.  Tip: Make each case study into a PDF and upload it to your company slideshare account to generate high quality leads and traffic. Use tags that relate to the case study’s topic and target audience.

Case studies are highly valuable content for your sales team.

Decision-makers use case studies as a valuable source of reference. A case study leaves them with a clear picture of how they will benefit from buying from you. Devon Warwick shares exactly why sales teams absolutely MUST have quality content (including case studies) for their lead generation campaigns to be successful.

Last but not least, case studies allow you to truly communicate the value or your company, product or service.

This complements your branding strategy and makes your company unified as a whole. As with all your marketing collateral, your case studies should reinforce your core messaging.

At Central Desktop, we sell collaboration software, and we have a customer portal that holds all of our case studies. This remains one of our most powerful outlets for SEO and lead generation. Here are some closing tips for beginning your case study campaign:

  • We’ve found that happy clients are more than delighted to offer testimonials, so if you know clients that are avid supporters of your business, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Optimize each case study for SEO. Adjust your meta tags, title, and links according to SEO best practices. Each page should be able to rank highly for one or two ideal keyword terms, if done properly.
  • Always include a quote from the customer.
  • Make them realistic.  This can be done by using specific numbers and statistics rather than generalizations. Quantify ROI in any way possible (% , __ times more, $___ saved)
  • As a thank you, it’s also helpful to highlight their company within the case study, through a visible logo, or etc. We find that handwritten thank you cards are a big hit!


Amy Putkonen

This is a good idea. I love reading the case studies for sites in my topics of interest. It helps me to see how others have been successful. I knew testimonials were good, but this takes that a step higher. Thanks for the good information, Grace.

Brad @ Local Internet Marketing

I agree. Case studies are a great way for people to see themselves in the experiences of others. It helps them to picture themselves owning the product or service.


You’re very welcome – I’m glad you found it useful!

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